Web Connection Server Maintenance
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Module Administration

  • Web Connection Module Administration
    Shows the status of the underlying .NET or ISAPI  DLL connector flags, lets you switch from File to COM operation, shows all instances of the server loaded under Com and the current state of the HoldRequests flag.

Server Hotswapping

  • Upload new Web Connection Server

    Upload a new Web Connection server EXE to the filename specified in the UpdateExe configuration setting.

    Upload Server Exe (.NET Handler)
    Upload Server Exe (ISAPI Handler)

    Once uploaded you can hotswap the uploaded server exe by copying the UpdateExe to the ExeFile.

    Swap Server Exe
  • Restart IIS | Reboot Machine
    Make sure your server can fully restart without manual interaction or logons.
Exe file starts with:
Process Id Process Name Working Set Action
2176 inetinfo 17.0 mb Kill
1884 w3wp 45.2 mb Kill